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Keeping Your Family Safe: Steelcore Spa Straps, the Award-Winning Spa Safety Cover Locks

As a parent, ensuring your child’s safety is always the top priority. When it comes to hot tubs and spas, securing the cover is crucial to prevent accidental drownings or injuries. That’s where Steelcore Security Spa Safety Straps come in – the award-winning solution that provides unmatched protection for your family.

Lockdown Co. is excited to announce that their Steelcore Spa Security Safety Straps won the prestigious iParenting Media Award in Anaheim, California for the 2008 Excellent Products Call. iParenting.com is a Disney Internet Group media property and a premier site focused on parents and family products.

The iParenting Media Awards program is renowned for providing a credible and objective method of determining the best products in the marketplace, especially for home safety. With thousands of entries evaluated by their internationally-certified product testing system, winning this award is a significant achievement.

The iParenting Media Awards adheres to the highest quality standards, being ISO 9001:2000 certified and audited by an objective third party, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Steelcore’s straps underwent rigorous testing by a panel consisting of licensed childcare professionals, experts, and parents.

“This award came at a perfect time because now many city and county building departments as well as insurance companies have concluded that the stock plastic locks and accompanying miniature plastic keys that come with spas are not enough protection.”

– Sam Kennedy, the owner of Lockdown Co.

So what sets Steelcore Safety Spa Straps apart from traditional plastic locks?

Reviewers praised their sturdy construction, ease of use, and the peace of mind they offer. One reviewer commented, “This product is sturdy and well-designed. We were able to put it to use in just minutes after getting it out of the packaging. The concept is ideal; I don’t want to worry about my kids playing near the spa.”

Unlike flimsy plastic locks, Steelcore Straps are a reliable, long-lasting solution that meets the highest safety standards. Many building departments and insurance companies now recognize the limitations of plastic locks and advocate for more secure options.

Sam Kennedy, the owner of Lockdown Co., emphasized the importance of this award. He stated, “This award reveals to people that a credible, off-the-shelf solution is available. They are easily installed and come with a renewed sense of security and safety.”

In fact, Steelcore Spa Straps are often the only acceptable spa locks for day-care centers and foster care homes. This only proves Steelcore’s superior safety and reliability.

Safeguarding your loved ones should never be compromised. Invest in the peace of mind that Steelcore Security Spa Straps offer. Enjoy your hot tub without worrying about potential hazards. Protect what matters most with this award-winning solution.

Upgrade your spa’s security with our top-rated locks and ensure the safety of your loved-ones.

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